My name is Athavan Rajaratnam and many friends and co-workers just call me Astro. Its a nickname that has stuck with me since grade 5 and maybe someday i’ll explain the reason behind it.

I’m currently working at Rockstar games in Toronto as an animator. I’ve been in the animation industry since 2002. My story of how I got here all started with Reboot the TV show and Toy Story. When I was in high-school like many I had no real clue as to what to do in life. I grew up with cartoons all my life but it wasn’t till I saw Reboot on TV that I knew I wanted to do. The visual look of the show was so different from anything out there at the time and I was awe struck. Then came Toy Story in 1995 and it sealed the deal.

I looked into schooling for animation and was ready to apply when my parents refused to allow me to pursue the path of arts. They were traditional at that time and wanted me to purse a more mainstream line of study. In the end they won and I ended up doing Computer Science. While in school I kept seeing animated movies released every year and every time I watched one I kept wanting to be an animator. In my 3rd year of Computer Science I just couldn’t take it any more and dropped out of school. Everyone I know thought I have lost my mind.

I enrolled in college to do animation and after 2 years of school I got a job working in tv doing basic show openers and graphics. From there on its been a stepping stone journey. Hopping to different studios and working on various projects. In-between all this I did attend AnimationMentor and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I wont be where I am today if it wasn’t for AnimationMentor. I’m living my dream and love what I do. One thing I have learnt from my life is that always pursue your heart and dreams and never give up till you achieve you goals.

So why thirsty animator? As an animator my learning never stops. There is always more to learn and this blog helps me find renewed inspiration. It helps me share my knowledge, inspirations and experiences as an animator with the rest of the world. Always remain thirsty…